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Google Wave on Ulitzer Invites left: 26 8 Looks like Google sent out another bunch of invitations for Wave & since most of my friends are already on Wave, I thought why not give it away. So, in case you want one, just drop a comment (don’t forget to protect it against spamming by substituting @ with [at] & the likes) or mail with your name & email address. I’ll update the counter on top as I progress with the giveaway. I’ve used Wave to collaborate on a couple of projects in the last couple of weeks. Some features are not yet functional, but it does look pretty promising. And yes, it seems that Wave is more responsive on Google Chrome than Firefox. P.S. It wouldn’t hurt if you did your bit for the Water initiative by scrolling down to the Socialvibe widget on the sidebar & adding your signature to the cause on my blog. Update (26/11): Sent out 6 invitations based... (more)

So you got a DSLR

It has been a while since my first 2 posts on this topic, but better late than never. A DSLR is a powerful tool no doubt, but it can seem intimidating at first with its gamut of controls. The OEMs have tried to ease the learning curve for first time DSLR users by providing a bunch of automatic modes just as in Point & Shoot cameras. These modes make for a good starting point for starting your photography journey and get you acclimatized to the controls of your new camera. Today’s DSLRs give pretty good results in typical scenes that you want to shoot. However, there will be situa... (more)

Ekushe Ain (21st Law) for the 21st Century

Given the recent events in Bengal, India and the World as a whole, the Sukumar Ray poem seems to ring truer than ever. শিবঠাকুরের আপন দেশে , আইন কানুন সর্বনেশে! কেউ যদি যায় পিছলে প’ড়ে, প্যায়দা এসে পাক্‌‌ড়ে ধরে , কাজির কাছে হয় বিচার- একুশ টাকা দন্ড তার।। সেথায় সন্ধে ছটার আগে হাঁচতে হলে টিকিট লাগে হাঁচলে পরে বিন্ টিকিটে দম‌্দমাদম্ লাগায় পিঠে , কোটাল এসে নস্যি ঝাড়ে- একুশ দফা হাচিয়ে মারে।। কারুর যদি দাতটি নড়ে, চার্‌টি টাকা মাশুল ধরে , কারুর যদি গোঁফ গজায় , একশো আনা ট্যাক্সো চায়- খুঁচিয়ে পিঠে গুঁজিয়ে ঘাড়, সেলাম ঠোকায় একুশ বার।। চলতে গিয়ে কেউ যদি চায় এদিক্ ওদিক্ ডাইনে বাঁয়, রাজ... (more)

What is the geekiest joke?

Yup, that's what Google does… Answer by Bhagyaraj Jhala: Well played Google , well played ! View Answer on Quora Filed under: Thoughts ... (more)

links for 2010-02-04

The War For the Web – O'Reilly Radar The next few years are going to be pretty interesting. It seems to be heading for another war like the one on the PC platform. Given Apple's closed strategy, it would be good for them to open up or perish like they did last time. Things will get really hot once Google's bets pay off & mature & the pieces start falling in place. (tags: internet web2.0 google facebook web apple future trends oreilly) Open Access to Content and Applications (Adobe Featured Blogs) Why flash is important for the web and how Apple's stand is hurting its customers (t... (more)